Lady Pink

When Lady Pink grew up in Queens, New York, she was a shy and quiet kid, but everything changed when she started to write graffiti. In the late 70´s and beginning of 80´s she was painting trains in NYC and had to toughen up fast risking her life or being arrested by the police. She was the first female to break into the male dominated graffiti scene and has been referred to as ”the first lady in graffiti”. After starring in the cult movie "Wild Style" she gained recognition all around the world and became a renowned fine artist. Today she looks back at the years of vandalism as the ”university for most of us all”.

Giovanni Benetti Surf Costa Rica

Giovanni Benetti lived a hectic, urban life in Italy, working as a veterinary. Ten years ago, he decided to sell everything he owned and moved to Costa Rica. In the jungle, he found a piece of land with old, big trees that brought great tranquility. He built a hostel on the spot and his simple and peaceful life could begin.

Fredrik Persson

Fredrik grew up in a small town in the bible belt of Sweden. He felt that he didn´t fit in and had low self esteem due to his skinny body. When his lungs collapsed and was close to dying, he made a decision that would give him the strength back and find his destiny.

Serge Surf France

On a cold winter day Serge woke up and knew he had to go surfing. He left his job at the book store in Switzerland and went for a journey around the world to pursue his dream. When he caught the first wave his life changed for good.